5 days
5 days 2 night : Programs 2.
Type of Tour:
Eco, Hill Tribe, Culture, Nature, Sightseeing , adventure  and  family leisure.

Tour Time:
Pick up at 8.40 am – 6.30 pmapprox. finish

The Lost City,Doi Inthanon National Park, Diamond Waterfall (Wachirathan),Padok Saew Waterfall, Hmong hill tribe market, rainforest, downhill trekking, hill tribe village, mountain coffee, local market, long neck hill tribe  Akha tribe and big ear ring hill tribe village , Mae sai market, the  border Thailand Lao and Myanmar, across the border to Lao country.
Day 1: Sigh seeing and  soft trekking down hill.

In the morning  after breakfast  we head to the south of Chiang Mai to have an experience with 1 hour elephant riding in the jungle  and  bamboo rafting along the dense river.

We then head to Doi Inthanon National Park which encompasses the highest mountain in Chiang Mai. We visit the Diamond Waterfall and Padok Seaw Waterfall, with their beauty derived from the white water formed when the water hits the large rocks below. We also visit a Hmong hill tribe market where you can use bargaining skills the Thai way.

In the afternoon we do a gentle downhill hike for 2 hours on a wonderful nature trail; in places it is so beautiful, like a dream, as we follow the streams and waterfalls to a Karen hill tribe village. Here we will experience their culture and their way of their life as well as trying their locally grown mountain coffee. Visiting the hill tribe village is very fascinating! To end the day we drop by a local market to experience the real Thai life (no tourists here) before we return you to your hotel.
Overnight in Chiang mai: Room must be booked by your self today. ( in Chiang mai tonight )
Day 2 : Sigh seeing  and  family leisure    
Pick up at  9:30 a.m.

In the morning we head to visit Doi  Suthep temple which is located on the peak of the Doi  Suthep Mountain and is the most famous landmark in Chiang Mai. They say you have not truly been to Chiang Mai if you have not visited this temple! At the top of the temple you can view the pagoda made in the architecture style of the Lanna Kingdom and shining with real gold and jewels. The pagoda is believed to enshrine the holy relics of the Lord Buddha. A viewing platform also offers panoramic views of the whole Chiang Mai City where you can take in the wonderful landscape. The sound of temple bells, monks chanting and the fascinating view of Chiang Mai will fill your heart. Then drive to the north  for  John Rambo  snake shows and   following this we also visit tiger kingdom but  tiger is not include in the tour package, Please, buy your own ticket if you like to play and take  nice picture with tigers. Then we  turn to  the Culture Route in the South of Chiang Mai to sightsee or shop in the handicraft and shopping villages. In the Umbrella Making Village most of the painters have never attended any art school. Instead they have learnt from their ancestors or they have received on the job training meaning they have practiced how to paint while they are at work. In the Silk Village you can learn how your comfortable silk sheets and clothing are created. You will learn about the white silk worm and see the whole process such as how the silk worm is cared for, how it produces the silk through glandular secretion and the end stage where the silk is hand spun by local villagers. The tour can also include visits to workshops hand crafting silverware, lacquer ware, wood furniture or precious gem stones. Here you will also have the process for making these products explained to you.
The end of the day  we  will  explore the tranquil temple sites scattered around the Lost City. Chiang Mai was originally built here in the 11thcentury but the ancient city was forgotten after being flooded and hidden underground for hundreds of years. There are over 20 ancient temple sites in the city. Here we will have  a horse carriage abound to explore it.
Overnight in Chiang mai: Room must be booked by yourself today. ( in Chiang mai )

Day 3:  Chiang mai – Chiang down -  No manland
Pick up at 8: 45 a.m.

Leave Chiang mai at 8.40 a.m . First stop, is the largest Elephant Camp in Chiang Mai. Here you will get up close and personal with the Thai elephants. You will experience the relationship between the elephant and their mahout and also with people like yourselves. See the day to day care like bathing, how they sleep and how the mahout gets on and off the elephants. Could you believe the elephants can give a Thai massages, paint, play football and Yes! Even dance! Come and see for yourself how much they enjoy it, and you will too.
After that  we drive up North to a cave usually only visited by local people, untouched by tourists our specialty. On the drive to the caves you will experience magnificent views of the country side at every turn. After visiting the cave we will drive uphill to the main temple of Thahon  for  wonderful view of Thaton town,( Chiang Mai Province )> Next  head to  the place where the minority live, "no mans land" they have no nationality as they live on the land between Thai and Myanmar borders. If you have a heart to help people donations of food, clothing including jumpers and shoes would be greatly appreciated however this is a personal gesture and for you to decide. Then  we will travel down the hill from No Mans Land and stay in Thaton Village overnight. This village is small and quiet a nice place for a short walk into town before dinner.

Overnight in Thaton, near the minority places.and border, Ching mai province.

( room will be booked by untouchedthailand at www. Khunmaibaansaun resort .com):
Dinner is not included.

* Tiger king dom is optional if you would like to take picture or play with tiger, you can buy the ticket at the entrance: 520 Baht / person : we can drop by at this place as complimentary:

Day 4:hill – tribe experience & Border stay .

Pick up at 8:40 a.m.

Leave 08:40 a.m.  and  walk down to the pear to take  a long tail boat down the river, left and right following the curve of the riverbed, avoiding the rocky clusters in the water , it bobbed little up and down with the tide!( Absolutely Save and fun !!! Gorgeous landscape as in a dream ). it must be one of the most beautiful scenes you had ever seen in your whole life. boat head to Chiang Rai in Mae Kok River ( an hour) , the one is end up at Golden triangle, Chiang Rai Area to Mekong River ( the international river of Southeast Asia, pass seven countries, Tibet, China, Myanmar, Laos ,Thailand , Cambodia and Vietnam ) Both sides of Mae Kok River banks surrounding with views of arborous mountains, local and hill tribe villages. Ends up at the Long neck Karen , Akha , Lahu , and big earring hill tribe villages. Leave hill tribe villages for Doi Mae Salong to visit Chinese’s community ( mountain China town ), where tea plantations are grown, and enjoy to taste variety of tea. Then move to  Doi Tung  where the most beautiful garden set up in the North ( king mother garden ) and  visit  the monkey and fish cave before  we  end  up  Thailand , checking in at the hotel in Mae Sai, the border town.

Overnight in Mae Sai ,Chiang Rai province.

( Room will be booked by untouchedthailand at www.piyapornplace.com) Dinner is not included.

Day 5: The Golden Triangle, borders & boat trip to Laos.
Pick up at 8:40 a.m.

In the morning after breakfast, Explore Mae Sai, the border town between Thailand and Myanmar and visit bustle market at Thai- Myanmar border and enjoy your time in practicing bargaining skill before heading to The Golden Triangle, the land of Opium cultivation, smuggling and trade the Opium, Especially the Opium house will tells the story how it is as expensive as gold. then walk down to the pier to take the boat to Lao Island to visit duty free market in Lao village. Then visit Chiang Saen, the old city , on the way back to Chiang Mai we stop at the miracle white temple that found by Thai famous artist, ( one of the world's priceless works of Art & hot spring if we have time). Return to Chiang Mai in the evening.

Overnight in Chiang mai: Room must be booked by yourself tonight. ( in Chiang mai )

Price:14,380  baht / person for hole trip. ( = around $ 463 usd / person )

All price includes:

Pick up & Drop off at your hotel
- VIP SUV. air con. with 5 - 7 seats
- Or new brand VIP van with 10 - 14 seats
- Free transfer in and out
- Rooms for 2 nights  ( on day  3 & 4 )
- Gasoline, accident insurance
- English speaking driver guide
- Tour guide with license
- Lunch during the trip
- All admission fees Along the programs
- Drinking water in car
- Refreshing towel
- Snack- Soft drinks, Coke
- Private service
- Extremely flexible to your or party needs.

What to bring on the trip.
Sun block-Mosquito repellent-Or Insect lotion-Hat or cap- rain Jacket -Camera – torch and things you like bring with on the trip.-Torch

What to wear
Shorts or long pants are  comfortable - Sport shoes or sandal

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