Sipohn  is a man who would like to share his experiences when he was a monk for 18 years and graduated a master degree of  Buddhist  study, receiving certificate from  The  Supreme Patriarch  of Thailand  when  he was  22 years old. Since leaving  monastery  he  had  many jobs in his life to experience the balance of  both spiritual and worldly life, such as being a receptionist  & operator at the hotels, working as a teacher for both Thai and The International schools, being a security guard ,white water rafting captain, tourists  cycling  guide work at the bank and selling loads of stuff at the local market.
          Now he is one of the best  travel organizers  for a private trip in Chiang Mai and all the Northern regions   and  is sometimes driving  his beautiful  Tuk Tuk ( Thai taxi ) as a hobby .
            His life is so interesting in all its different facets. When he left the monastery for the first time, he felt as if he was from another planet . It tooks him many years to return to normal life. Now he feels that guiding is the job he really loves the most.  He and his team  are   ready and  really would  like to share his experiences to you all !